Sea of Stars

Created by Sabotage Studio

A retro-inspired turn-based RPG

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New trailer, and some news
17 days ago – Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 11:10:00 PM

My, we spent a long time in the dev submarine, silent and all. Just as it was about time we poked our head out, Summer Game Fest invited us to join the celebration with a new trailer, and we gladly obliged! 

You can watch it here:

Demo hype

"With the Coral Hammer in hand, Valere and Zale arrive on the shores of Watcher Island. Across the jungle they must reach Docarri Village, where they hope to have an audience with the legendary Oracle of Tides..."

While the game is still a couple of years out, a lot of you pledged for access to a playable demo, and it is coming VERY SOON. Cut out of the middle section of the game, the demo has the two protagonists go on a quest without the rest of the party. Spoiler tags will be used profusely to preserve the experience once the game releases, but there is still some world building taking place there with an outdoor dungeon, a town, and an indoor dungeon.

Along with the traversal and combat mechanics in place, you will be able to play with the main systems (leveling up, upgrading equipment and harvesting food to rest and heal up between combats).

Meanwhile, in our empty studio…

As you can probably guess, we had to switch over to remote work. It did require some adjustments, but now that we are a couple of months in, we can gladly report that our production timeline has not been impacted. Our only gripe is that we have yet to get together and celebrate the success of our dream campaign, which is a very minor gripe all things considered.

Many backers have joined our Discord to talk about Sea of Stars, game dev, and enjoy some unique inside looks at our work in progress. If you were still considering joining the fun, here is a quick look at some of the things we've shared on there:

Level design ideas sketch

Title screen in action (music included)

Valere's successfully timed attack animation

We'll send another update soon as the demo rolls out, which will be distributed through Discord, so all the more reason to join us! Feel free to come say hi, we'll be happy to have you.

Thank you once again for your support, it still means the world to us and goes a long way in carrying our efforts as we build this fantasy world of ours!

All the best, and stay safe <3


Sea of Stars post-campaign store is now live on Backerkit!
2 months ago – Sun, May 03, 2020 at 11:31:18 PM

Now that the first wave of fulfillment has been taken care of, we are moving on to the most requested addition!

We received hundreds of messages from people who learned about Sea of Stars after the campaign had ended. If that’s your case, or if you have friends who would be interested in getting in early on our dream project, we’re super excited to announce that our post-campaign Backerkit page is finally up!

Pre-ordering from our Backerkit page is the best way to support and get involved with the production of Sea of Stars as we gear up for an exciting 2 years of dev, studio antics, reveals and live streams.

Also, for those who encountered problems with their payment being declined, know that Backerkit supports Paypal and all major credit cards.

4 items and a tip jar, for now

As of now, only a limited number of items are available:

  • Digital Copy for Sea of Stars (PC or Console)
  • Solstice Warrior Package (includes dev channel and playable demo access)
  • Early Backer Edition Physical Copy for Sea of Stars (PC or Console)
  • Sea of Stars OST Double Vinyl with Kickstarter exclusive cover

We’ll be monitoring demand, and it is highly likely that there will be more items added throughout production, based on which merch or perks the community would like to see.

Add-ons and surveys for Kickstarter Backers

Important note for Kickstarter backers: if you already backed the project through Kickstarter, there is nothing to do on Backerkit for you right now. You’ll be able to get more add-ons when the surveys are sent. We know this might feel a bit counter-intuitive, but the way Backerkit is built doesn’t allow us to complete fulfillment before surveys are sent, which will happen once we announce platforms for Sea of Stars. Please reach out if you feel any confusion reading this; we make a point to be unprecedentedly responsive!

Rest assured that there will still be Early Backers edition physical copies and vinyls available by this time, at least for the Kickstarter backers who desire them!

A reminder: Discord roles and exclusive access

The Discord community welcomed over 5000 new members last week, and our Kickstarter bot managed to fulfill most of the role attribution (with minor hiccups, like Discord banning the bot 6 times because of the volume of interactions triggered the spam filter). If you haven’t gotten your Discord title and/or your access to the exclusive #dev channel, the Kickstarter Assistant is now stable. If you have any problems with it, please send a DM to Philip on Discord, and he will manually handle your role attribution.

We’re almost done with the boring updates, the next ones should be game-oriented :)

Once again, thanks for the support, and stay safe <3


If you didn’t get the Kickstarter wallpaper yet (now with 2 exotic formats), here are the links:

Fulfillment Wave 1
3 months ago – Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 01:46:00 AM

Dearest backers,

Now that we've caught our breath and compiled everything, it's time to deliver the first wave of rewards!

First, here are the wallpapers for desktop and mobile. If your pledge didn't include Discord perks (backer role, access to the dev channel or to the demo coming this summer) or if you don't care about Discord, you're all set for the time being!

We will follow-up with a form as the game gets closer to launch so you can pick your platform of choice and provide shipping information for physical items.

If your pledge did include Discord perks, however, the fun begins right now :

Check the inbox of the email address linked to your Kickstarter account for an email from Sabotage Studio (it should arrive within the next 30 minutes). It contains a unique code that will allow you to claim your Discord rewards through our brand new bot, aptly named Kickstarter Assistant!

The Assistant handles all things authentication, role management and announcements related to the Kickstarter campaign and fulfillment.

For the Discord roles.

  1. Join (or sign in to) our Discord server 
  2. React with the :kickstarter: emote on the Kickstarter Assistant's post in the #instructions channel.
  3. The Assistant will DM you prompts for steps 4) and 5), then give you your associated Discord rewards.
  4. Enter the email address linked to your Kickstarter account
  5. Enter your unique code

And voilà!

For those who backed on the heroes (statues/monuments) tiers, there will be a few additional steps later to gather information about your immortalized presence in the game.We will be in touch during fulfillment wave 2, which will be announced when we get there!

Oh, and if you had a Steam key for The Messenger, it was sent in a second email that should follow shortly.

As always, if you have have any questions, come talk to us on Discord in the #support channel.

Finale and next steps
3 months ago – Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 02:54:17 AM

What a ride! Time flew by, and here we are, 30 days later.

We want to thank everybody who supported the project so early. It was a leap of faith for some of you, but we promise to dedicate all of our energy into honoring all of that support over the next 2 years.

Hindsight being 20/20, it's crazy to think of how one month ago we were filled with doubt and second-guesses, and even considered cancelling the reveal campaign altogether!

We're all in this together now, so while our main focus will be in dev to bring you a game that's as good as we can make one, you can look forward to cool reveals and high engagement from us on our Discord!

Our vocation is to entertain, and in the current context this mission finds extra purpose in helping people get their minds off of things. Your warm reception to all the reveals has done the same for us, so once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3

As we move into production, the memories from this campaign will carry us.

All the love, and all the best,


Feel free to join us on Discord to celebrate the end of the campaign with the team!

The fulfilment phases

So what’s next? Fulfilment wave 1 is next!

(But before that, the team will take a 2-day break. We’ll be back at full speed next week!)

With over 25000 backers, and the excitingly long list of rewards that comes with it (some digital, some physical, some available now, some available at launch) we need a proper plan to make sure everyone has a good experience. A couple of weeks are going to be needed before we can start the first wave of fulfilment.

Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible by avoiding unnecessary interactions. But full disclaimer: it is our first time doing that, and the scale of the campaign is huge, so minor hiccups are to be expected.

Talking about waves, here is the current plan, which is subject to change, but validated by experienced people who ran multiple Kickstarter campaigns before.

Wave 1: The post-campaign (ASAP)

  1. Steam codes for The Messenger will be sent via email.
  2. Kickstarter wallpapers for backers will be sent via email.
  3. A unique code for all backers will be sent to you via email. This code will be associated with your pledge level and will be a key to unlock most digital rewards.
  4. There will be a Discord bot to manage all roles, access to the dev channel, and access to the PC demo (which will be launchable through Discord).

Wave 2: Production (Estimated: Q3-Q4 2020)

  1. There will be a web app for both Statues and Monuments. For those who pledged these tiers, you will unlock access to it by entering your unique code.
  2. For monuments, we’ll send you the procedure to submit your moodboard with references and descriptions.
  3. For statues, you’ll be able to customize your look and save it.

Wave 3: The pre-launch (Sometimes in 2021)

  1. After everything is announced, we’ll send out a survey to gather your platform(s) of choice for digital and physical, along with shipping details for those who ordered physical goods, and the name you want to appear in the credits .

Wave 4: DLC (Sometimes after launch)

  1. We’ll send platform specific codes to everyone who has pledged for a copy of the game to get the DLC for free on the platform(s) they chose.

As for the Cryptwalker, we’ll be in touch :)

Backerkit page

Starting next week, we’ll have a Backerkit page up for people who didn't get to support the project during the campaign but would like to get invovled. We’ll do another update with all the details!

Add-ons & Surveys!

The surveys won’t be sent until the platforms are announced, as we can only send one. This means that if you are already a backer, there is nothing more to do at this point. You’ll be able to pick add-ons and increase your pledge level as soon as the survey is released, but please note this could be in a year from now.

Rest assured that we’re keeping stock for everything. If you want a vinyl or a physical edition, we’ll make sure you get one.

So, just to be clear, if you already are a backer of Sea of Stars, there is no need to create a new Backerkit account, you’ll receive an email when we’re ready to finalize the pledges.

If you aren’t a backer of Sea of Stars, you can support the project via Backerkit at any point before the surveys are sent, starting next week.

If anything isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to join us on Discord to ask your questions. We are committed to offering unprecedented customer support:

Once again, thank you for everything.

Playable Combat Character Reveal - Garl
3 months ago – Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 02:51:48 AM

Garl was born a regular kid devoid of any special powers, though his hometown happens to be Mooncradle, the very place where a small community is tasked with taking care of the Children of the Solstice until they become old enough to enter training. Born during the same year as Valere and Zale, the three of them grew up together as best friends, often dreaming of the day they would leave to explore the world.

To Garl, the call of adventure is an excuse to taste all the flavors life has to offer, and to challenge himself in preparing wholesome meals despite the daily unpredictabilities of being the devoted friend and caretaker of two Solstice Warriors on a mission.

Eager to prove themselves at a young age, the trio once ventured into the forbidden cavern. On this fateful day, Garl lost his left eye to a monster, learning the hard way that it was not the place of the common folk to engage in combat with The Fleshmancer’s minions. As punishment, his two best friends were taken into Zenith Academy right away, separating Garl from his friends for the remainder of his childhood.

Even though the only official training he would receive was in the art of cooking, Garl never doubted that his strong innate constitution would make him fit for any challenges.

When trouble comes, he acts as a defensive fighter, wielding his cauldron lid as a makeshift shield. He always tries his best to protect his friends, who he sincerely believes will become the finest Solstice Warriors the world has ever known.

Outside of combat, Garl always keeps an eye out for unique ingredients to use at the campfire, always making a point to feed his companions while also boosting their morale using varying perfumes and textures. Anyone he can get to set aside their worries and connect to the moment by enjoying a good meal is a win in his book!

The Elder Mist hesitantly approves of him as a travel companion for Zale and Valere, on the promise that he would be mindful of his limitations when it came to combat. He was uniquely gregarious, that one, choosing to let his scar show openly, and somehow having a smile big enough to make up for it. Plus, Garl's indomitable inclination to care for others would certainly provide much needed moral and nutritious support for the hardships ahead.

There was also something peculiar in the stars about him, as it seemed his heart just might be warm enough to “soothe a long tormented soul”.

As always, join us on Discord if you want to chat with the team! -